Building the
USS North Carolina BB 55

by Ron Horabin, Cheshire England
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Part 12 A Merry Christmas  to all our USS North Carolina BB-55 Readers.

There’s very little to report on the build, I have been doing a lot of reparation work that you have seen before, I am now working on the starboard side, and most of the work has been on the port side. click images
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There are new photos of the new bow I told you about in the last chapter.
There are lots of handrails fitted and painted in WEM paints.
I thought I would give you a few photos to look at over the holidays, as it is winter in the U/K and to cold to spend time getting it out of my shed or should I say modelling den in the garden, I think the photos are not up to my usual standard because they are taken under tungsten light, not the best lighting, but please accept my apologies. 
Till the next chapter have a Happy Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year. From Ron Horabin  and all this side of the pond, in the U/K
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