Classic Warships 1/700 USS West Virginia

Colorado Class Battleship

Reviewed by Timothy Dike

This is one of the original Battleship kits by Classic Warships. It is out of production and probably won't be released again especially when the Hi-Mold kit is now available. But since I have this kit in my growing unbuilt stash, I thought I would at least share it with you. It was considered a craftsmen kit, meaning that it provides the basis shapes, but many of the detail items must be provided by the modeler. 
The hull is nicely cast for such an old kit. The detailing is good and there were no defects on my sample.
The Superstructure parts are well done but with what I would consider excessive resin over pour on the bottom. The shapes are well done though. There are no secondary armament provided so you will have to get use some after market parts such as those in the Skywave E-9 set.
Cast metal parts include main turrets with a very basic shape and a flat bottom so you will have to measure to get them located in the right place. Also included are some tug boats and the concrete moorings that were typical of Pearl Harbor.
The generic Photo Etch Cage Mast is included. You will have to trim the foremast to size as it is identical to the mainmast. 
Instructions are very basic but unlike some other kits this one has a superstructure exploded view to help with that part of the assembly. There is a plan and elevation view but much more is needed to be able to accurately complete this kit.


A good kit in its time but far out classed by toady's Hi-Mold Maryland kit. It is very collectable but not very buildable.