1/700 USS Arizona BB-39

Pearl Harbor Battleship
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
60 years ago this month the USS Arizona was sunk at Pearl Harbor. Remember the Arizona became the rallying cry as the US Navy made it's way across the Pacific during World War Two. There have been quite a few models made of this ship, but few have done her justice. 
The hull is nicely cast with very fine detailing. The deck scribing looks realistic and the lines look very much like the real ship. The torpedo blister looks a little too thick, but I don't have an accurate set of plans to compare it too.
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The superstructure parts are all molded on a thin sheet of resin in the open face style. Thin decks and splinter shields are typical of the parts. The various deck levels are very well molded with a level of detail not possible with injection molding.
There are three Fighting Tops included with one of them molded upside down so the the three locating holes for the mast supports are preserved. This will really help in locating the tripod assembly. Use the holes as a template for the other one. The ships boats are among the most detailed I've seen, and it wont be necessary to replace the seats with photo etch as these look realistic. 
The main gun turrets are well molded, and include separately cast resin barrels. The 5" 25 Cal guns are great, most kits use a modified Skywave 5" 38 cal. gun to represent this weapon and they just don't compare to the real thing. My one complaint with the parts is the tripod mast poles, I would replace these with brass rod.
The Instructions consist of an "A" and "B" size sheet of the  plan and elevation views, and exploded view, and a parts list. Barely adequate for construction of the ship.
The decals are printed on a sheet of paper and are a little too blurry for my taste. Dunagain decals make Naval Ensign set that would be a much better alternative.

Great casting and attention to detail make this your best choice for an accurate Arizona. All that's lacking is a good Photo Etch set to finish if off. HP Models a relative new comer to the Hobby has produced a fine example of a sentimental favorite of many modelers. It obviously is more expensive than the plastic alternatives such as the Mini-Hobbies 1/700 Arizona, but it is accurate right out of the box. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. Check out the other HP Models in the latest Pacific Front Update.

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