When first becoming a normal visitor to ModelWarships.com I stumbled across Ron H’s and Bill W’s scratch built ship models. That’s what started and gave me the inspiration to build the USS Arizona in 1/192 scale. Becoming a member of the MW forums I became friends with Ron and Steve Larsen, they both have helped a lot in getting me started on this project. When I received my plans I couldn’t believe how big and detailed they were. After several days of looking over the plans and conversing with people on the MW forums, I made copies of the majority of the plans, and not having the materials to start the hull I started on the Superstructure instead. Having never scratch built anything before I decided to start on something that looked easy. Looking it over, I decided the Navigation Bridge was what I wanted. 
After some deliberation I decided to go with plastic card to build most of the superstructure and decks. I was told For Sale signs were a good, cheap source for plastic, and that is absolutely correct! Using the copy I made of the Navigation Bridge area I cut out the shape and went around it with a permanent marker on some plastic, then white glued it to another piece of plastic. I cut both of those out and then I scored the out line for the enclosed bridge structure with my x-acto and I cut out the holes for the ladder access. I glued the two platforms together to get the proper thickness. I then measured and cut out the three back walls for the enclosed structure, and then I measured where the portholes and doors would be. Making an X where the port hole was to be I placed the point of my x-acto in the middle of the X and started turning it to get a nice even hole. I then glued those three walls in place, and started working on the forward three walls. I cut out the three bottom parts of the wall and then glued those to the base. I measured the window frames and then cut and glued those in place.
Next I sat at my desk and was wondering what I could do while I was waiting for the glue and such to dry. I picked up the copies I made of the plans and saw the 5”/51 Broadside gun drawing. Then I saw a round toothpick on my desk, about three hours later a 5”/51 gun was finished, now I need nine more!
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 Abram Joslin

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