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Ship Kit Reviews
Doggy Models, 1/700 CLAA De Grasse (C610) French Navy Anti-Aircraft Cruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Combrig Models 1/700 USS Smith DD-17 (Resin kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
 INFINI Model 1/350 Inclined Ladder Set C (Royal Navy) NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Yao's Studio 1/700 Resin Kit U.S. Navy OS2U Kingfisher NEW
Kraken Hobbies 1/350 USN "K-Gun" and reloads (early style) NEW
Black Cat Models 1/700 US Navy Mk33 3"Automatic Gun   NEW
Swordfish Naval Models 1/350 USN 5in/38cal Mk30 Mod 8 Gun NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
September 2023 Reviews Older