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HP Models SMS Lutzow 1916 German Battleship (resin kit)
WSW's 1/700 1905 Russian Battleship Potemkin (resin kit) New
JAG's 1/700 USS Raleigh LPD-1 (resin kit) New
Blue Water Navy 1/350 WW1 German Sub U-35 (resin kit)
Iron Shipwrights 1/350 USS Detroit CL-8 (resin kit)
HP Models 1/700 IJN Nippon Maru WW2 Japanese Tanker (resin kit)
Combrig 1/700 Russian Type S Sub 1936 (resin kit)
A preview of Battlefleet Models 1/700 AOG USS Mettawee New
Doc-Modell 1/700 German (French) Tanker Salome (OOP resin kit)
Miscellaneous Accessories
Classic Warships 1/72 replacement prop set for Revell S-100 boat New
Book Reviews
Warships Dat #5 USS Yorktown CV-10
Squadron Signals "Light Carriers in Action" New
Newer May 2002 Reviews Older