Doc-Modell 1/700
German Tanker Salome
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Salome was a tanker built for the French Navy in 1939. She was captured by the Germans when France fell in 1940. Information on this ship is hard to come by so I will reserve my comments to the kit itself. Doc-Modells is no longer around but WSW is producing some of their kits now.
The hull is cast pretty well and has fair amount of detail. However the catwalk that runs the length of the ship is cast solid. This would be hard to fix and the modeler will have to decide if it is worth the effort to replace or leave as is. Also the steps are cast solid and would look better if replaced by photo etch.

The superstructure parts are all cast in the open face style on a paper thin wafer. The detail is pretty good, but due to the way in which the boats were cast, they will have to be modeled as if they are covered by a tarp.

Instructions are basic, but then there are few parts in this kit. A good plan and elevation would have been helpful to determine final positioning.

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While this kit is Out of Production, you can still get one in the B-RESINA and WSW German WW 2 Merchant Ship Set. It comes with the Cargo Ship Nora, and two Tugboats for $65.00. Check the latest Pacific Front Update for details.