by Sean Hert

White Ensign has again applied their considerable skills and produced an extensive PE detail set for the Trumpeter Slava class kits (Moskva and Varyag), released in 2007. This upgrade set consists of two photo-etched frets, with over 100 parts on them. The fret include parts that are ship specific; there are some differences in radar fit between Varyag and Moskva/Marshall Ustinov. They have everything you need to customize the sensor suite and add that "busy" level of detail we all look for on these Cold War era cruisers.


Sheet 1 has most of the railings needed for the ship, as well as many of the radars including the distinctive TOP SAIL/TOP PAIR and TOP STEER (for Moskva/Marshall Ustinov) radars. There are many other parts; handrails, various antennas, a KA-27 Helicopter interior, POP GROUP radar and details, and ignition wires for the RBU-6000 ASW mortars! (Incorrectly labled as RBU-5000's, but correctly identified in the directions.)

Sheet 2

The remaining railings, as well as anchor chain and the ladders border this sheet, and the other primary radar, the MR-710 Fregat-MA/Top Plate 3D for Varyag. There are many extensive replacement platforms and superstructure pieces, watertight doors, and replacement blades for the Ka-27 in both folded/stowed and extended configurations. Rounding out this sheet are detail upgrades for the AK-130 turret, the boat crane, ship's boats and flight deck.

I assembled the TOP SAIL part of the TOP PAIR.I did find the instructions for building the TOP PAIR Radar a little confusing and vague. The text reads as if it was written before the PE sheets were finished, and the numbered/lettered parts don't exactly match. For example, 10D is 10B, 10B is 86E, 10E is 86D, kit Part E12 is really B39. It will be beneficial if the builder has previous PE experience, and has researched this subject.


4 double-sided sheets of instructions is included, for 8 pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered shilouttes of the sheets, identifing all the parts. All the major assemblies have individual building st eps; the remaining parts, mostly railings, are listed in the final text instructions.

Another fine set from White Ensign Models. WEM is always guaranteed to deliver a quality product, and this set is another great one! Priced at 31.45, or around $60.00.