Trumpeter 1/350
Slava Class Moskva

Reviewed by Sean Hert
These cruisers, Project 1164, are believed to be a "hedge bet" in case the Kirov class failed. Known as a Raketnyy Kreyser, they were laid down in 1976, and the first ship of the class, named Slava, was launched in 1979 and commissioned in 1983. Slava was renamed Moskva in 2000, and was assigned to the Black Seas Fleet. Varyag was commissioned in 1989, originally named "Chervona Ukraina," and was assigned to the Pacific Fleet.
The hull is one piece molded in the waterline style. A separate flat waterline base and full lower hull are molded in Trumpeter's now standard red plastic. The bow shows some flash, and the molded in "star" near the anchors is nicely done. The lines for the torpedo doors are a little rough. I like Moskva's step-like prop guards.

The lower hull shows the normal molding lines, but a little heavier than usual. There are left over "nubs" from the sprues present. The lower hull does fit snugly against the upper. An elegant bulge is present in the extreme bow for the BULL HORN sonar.

The hull seems a bit soft in the center; I think Moskva could have used an additional stiffener added to the upper hull.

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The decks come in two pieces, with the split occurring near the center of the hull. The deck plates have some gaps, particularly around this split- but this may be due to the hull being slightly warped. The deck pieces fit marginally well, and from looking at pages 5 and 14 of the instructions, it looks like most of the deck split will be covered or obscured.

The forward part of the deck fits in place much better than the photo implies- I couldn't make the deck conform to the forward curvature and take the photo at the same time.

The decks seem to have all the appropriate bollards and chocks, and in the right places, but they are the same chocks as seen on the Panteleyev; little wedges of plastic. There are many well detailed hatches and plates on both decks, as well as the capstan mounts and ZIL-121 chaff launcher bases.

I am unsure about the breakwater around the AK-130 turret; some of my references imply it should be perferated like the ones on a Sovremenny . Moskva may have some differences, being the first of the class. Never forget to check your references.

The bases for the POP GROUP radar's are nice, and I thought the molded in helo landing control windows interesting; given Trumpter's new penchant for clear superstructure sprues, I assumed this part would be in clear, and separate from the decks. It is still well molded, however.

I could do without the simplified molded on anchor chains present on the foc'sle. They are very basic, and will look much better replaced with real chain.

Sprue A contains a number of the forward superstructure pieces, the breakwater, as well as a newly designed AK-130 twin 130mm mount. The turret show some added detail over the one previously molded in the Sovremenny kits. This mount features some additional detais, like molded-on ladder rails and doors. The over-scale welds apparent on the Sovremenny turret are missing as well. There is a new base for the turret, the new design of which supports the newly designed barrels! The new barrels have the retaining rings for the cooling hoses, and are a welcome detail. The new base is slightly smaller than the old one- I'm not sure which is more accurate.
This sprue contains the long, single piece bases for the distinctive SS-N-12 Sandbox (P-500 Bazalt) launchers. The bases are missing the scuppers near the rear of each missile tube.

Also included is the KITE SCREECH fire director for the AK-130, the ships boats, rudder, shafts and screws. The UNREP station and various support/catwalks for the forward sensor "tower" are on this sprue, and the mount and supports of the TOP STEER radar.

The after superstructure parts are here, and the parts for the attached twin funnels. I like the details on the funnel pieces, and the inner exhaust plate. The Moskva's large boat crane is also on this sprue.
Sprue D is mainly concerned with the rear of the ship. On this sprue are the parts for the hanger, which have some basic interior detail, should one decide to spilt the hangar door to pose it open. The base for the ship's crane and the large TOP DOME SA-N-6 director, as well as the "plates" for the TOP PLATE 3D radar are on this sprue.
SPRUES E1 and E2
These two sprues continue Trumpeter's new technique of molding superstructure, radar and lattice parts in clear styrene. The large radars are here, some of the signature pieces to this ship; the TOP STEER and TOP PAIR (TOP SAIL and BIG NET), and FRONT DOOR-C radars.
SPRUES F1 and F2 x2
These four sprues comprise the weapons and remaining sensors; the missile tubes for the SS-N-12's, the SA-N-4's- whose hatches have a closed and erected, ready to launch option, complete with little SA-N-4's to place on the rails are here. The BASS TILT AK-630 directors are on this sprue, along with the PALM FROND's, SIDE GLOBE and RUM TUB EW antennas, and the rest of the POP GROUP tower and radar. Also included are the "aztec" ladders, the accomodation ladders and some other miscillanious details.
There is one (1) KA-27 included in the kit. This is the same helo included in Trumpeter's earlier 1/350 Soviet releases, utilizing the multi-color styrene sprue. It has the option for both folded and deployed blades.
A display base is included for full hull display.
A basic photoetch sprue is included, as has become Trumpeter's standard. Included is the netting for the edge of the helipad, and PE options for the FRONT DOOR-C, TOP STEER and TOP PAIR radars. None for the PALM FROND however. There are also some PE replacement options for some of the smaller lattice masts. There are also some detail parts for the 2 POP GROUP radars stands, and some lattice supports for the SS-N-12 tubes.
A decal sheet is included with flags, hull numbers, the shield for the VDS door and the circle markings for the helopad.

A sixteen page instruction booklet describe the assembly in great detail with a variety of sub assembly views. These instructions are well done and should provide all the information that is needed to build this ship. For painting, a color plan and profile sheet is included, with Trumpeter's standard Gunze color references. I don't believe the black is the appropriate anti-fouling color for Moskva, however.

I noticed on Page 7 of the instructions it shows a TOP PLATE 3D radar for the "Air Search Radar" step, not the TOP STEER that is on Moskva. The rest of the directions show the TOP STEER assembly; I guess this confirms the announced Varyag release in the future. Of course, it means you also have the parts now....


A nice kit of an uncommon ship, one that I am a big fan of. The level of detail that began with Panteleyev continues with Moskva.

The kit certainly looks like a Slava. Again, I wish Trumpeter included some photoetch railings with the other PE parts, but I understand why they don't.

As the first time a Slava class (Project 1164) has been offered in 1/350, I think Trumpeter has another good kit here. It will certainly appeal to those interested in Soviet or modern Russian era navies, as well as the Cold War enthusiast. Of course, I'm still hoping for that 1/350 Kirov.

Thanks to Stevens International for the review sample. They are the exclusive importer for Trumpeter kits in the US. If your hobby shop does not carry Trumpeter kits have them contact Stevens International or try their Hobby Shop Locator to find one.