1/700 Royal Navy Modern detail set
by White Ensign Models

Here's a good generic Photo Etch set to detail your Modern Royal navy ships?  This set has been around for a while and is being replaced by White Ensign's Modern RN Destroyer set. But since I have it we will take a look at it. This set is not designed for any specific ship, but rather has a lot of typical details found on most Royal Navy ships. Everything from railing to helicopter details are included. There are enough parts to do a couple different ships and still have some leftover parts.

Included in this set:
  • Yardarms (various, including Type 42).
  • Boat Davits (early Type 42).
  • Platform/sponson supports.
  • Aft mast rear aerial spreader (Type 42 & 22).
  • Boat davits (Whitby & Rothesay classes).
  • 4 bladed propellers.
  • Sea cat launcher details.
  • Masthead array
  • Anchor cables.
  • 3 bar rails
  • 2 bar rails.
  • Flight Deck Safety nets (fixed type and folding type)
  • Vertical ladders.
  • inclined ladders with handrails
  • Watertight doors.
  • Angled rails or raised forecastles.
  • Stern gate rail sections.
  • Lynx helicopter main and tail rotors.
  • Wasp helicopter main and tail rotors, tail stabilizer, undercarriage and flotation cans.
Instruction Sheet

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The only problem with this set, is it's lack of detailed instructions. That and the lack of Modern Royal Navy subjects such as the Pitroad Manchester to use it on. White Ensign Models  has another set  for Modern Royal Navy Type 42 Destroyers that we will try to review in the future.

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