Pitroad/Skywave1/700 HMS Manchester

Type 42 Destroyer
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Manchester is a Type 42 batch 3 destroyer commissioned in 1982. The batch 3 is the latest revision to this class of ship, distinguished by the 50' longer forward section. This allowed for extra weapons to be carried and made this ship more stable in high seas. This kit will build any of the four ships in this class: D95 Manchester,  D96 Gloucester, D97 Edinburgh, or D98 York.
This kit is typical of PitRoad's style, with crisp molding. The hull is molded as one large piece with a bow deck insert and a waterline bottom. There is very little detailing on the deck, but that is typical of RN destroyers. The superstructure parts on the other hand are nicely detailed, with hatches and wiring details nicely molded A light wash applied over your ship will really bring out these details.
A Modern RN weapons sprue is included to fit our your destroyer with a multitude of Royal Navy type weapons. I love this approach to supplying the parts in the kit. The modeler really benefits in having extra parts for the spares box. There are several different types of gun turrets and radar's, with boats, davits and miscellaneous other parts included. Also included is a Westland Lynx helicopter with rotor blades and landing gear.
The decal sheet is pretty good, and has markings for the Manchester and Gloucester, as well as marking for the Helo.
The instructions are pretty simple, there is very little text, but the exploded views pretty much show where everything goes.
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The back of the box includes a painting guide for the ship in the usual Pitroad style.

If you are a fan of the modern Navy you will enjoy this kit. It is a relatively simple kit, and could be built in an evening or two depending on how much extra detail you put into it. The kit is well designed and is a great value for the modeler.

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