The new Hasegawa Yukikaze is has really caused a stir among IJN fans. The kit is nicely detailed right out of the box, but there is always room for improvement. That's where this new set from Tom's Modelworks comes in handy. It will work on either the 1940 or 1945 version and provides the typical details that most modelers will want.
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Close ups of the fret
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This set contains rails that are custom cut to fit the ship. New bilge keels will look much better than the thick plastic ones. Other improvements to the plastic parts include new vent grills, and funnel cap gills. There are new depth charge racks  and support braces for the overhanging portion at the stern. The davits and boat details are nicely done. 

Radar and mast details are other essential detail items. The gun details help dress up the rather plain plastic parts. 

The instructions are five pages with parts lists and some illustrations. These are pretty good, but some 3D views would really help.


This is set #3563 IJN Yukikaze Destroyer for $20.00, making it a very economical set and a good value. A perfect set for the modeler who wants to dress his kit up without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out all of Tom's Modelworks ship detail sets on their online store.