1/350 F-14 Aircraft details
by Tom's Modelworks
The new Trumpeter Nimitz is another  welcome addition to the 1/350 world of ships. The kit has perhaps the best detailed 1/350 aircraft included. But they are still needing some help detail wise. This set from Tom's will definitely help. It covers the F-14 and will do up to 13 aircraft.
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The set includes:
  • landing gear
  • gear doors
  • tail hooks
  • top and bottom airbrakes
  • sidewinder rails
  • glove pylons
  • TCS 
  • drag link doors
  • tow bar
  • entry ladders

The instructions are a single page, with the parts that go with each aircraft listed. There are plan and elevation views of the aircraft. It would have been nice to have some detail views showing exact placement of the hard points and gear doors.


Conclusions: This set will go a long ways toward detailing your air wing. It can also be used for other 1/350 aircraft carriers. The other aircraft set is available separately.

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