1/350 WW2 Missouri Extra Details Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
If you read the review of Gold Medal Models WW2 Missouri Fittings Set, then you know that there is a lot that set can do to enhance the Tamiya kit. Well this set takes detailing to a new dimension. My first impression when I first saw this fret is finally 40 mm gun tub details! These are awesome and I wish we had these in 700 scale. Not only that but this set takes all those other detail parts  that you used to buy in separate frets and includes them in one set. 40 mm gun shields extra hatches and doors, inclined stairs and many more details.
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A glance at the Quad 40 mm gun tub ready ammunition racks and you can start to imagine the how these will really set off your ship. These are not just generic details but are custom fitted to the Tamiya kit. Each part is noted for it's location right on the fret so I wouldn't remove them until you are ready to install them to avoid mixing them up. Another nice feature in this set is the  window frames and details for the armored conning tower. There is even a drilling template so you can install the safety railings for the Number 2 Turret.
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If the standard relief etched watertight doors are not enough for you check out the enhanced door assemblies that have a more 3D appearance. Other nice touches are the funnel walkways and the windshield wipers for the bridge windows!
As usual the instructions are very detailed with subassembly views and overall shots showing the parts locations. These instructions leave little for guess work and are a standard that other manufacturers should try to achieve.
Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Quad 40 mm gun tub details
  • Quad 40 mm gun shields and sights
  • 5" 38 cal Gun Turret details
  • SP Radar
  • SR Radar
  • SC-2 Radar
  • Base for SP Radar
  • Flagbag details
  • Accommodations ladders
  • Number 2 Turret Training Railing
  • Leadsman Platforms
  • Aft searchlight Platforms
  • Forward Searchlight Platforms
  • Watertight Door assemblies
  • Windshield wipers for bridge windows
  • 20 mm ready ammo box covers
  • Capstan brake wheels
  • Extra hand wheels
  • Armored Conning tower details
  • Hatches and Doors
  • Funnel platforms and railings
  • Mainmast platform and railings
  • Oxygen bottles in different sizes
  • Whaleboat cradles
  • 20 mm gun details

This is set # 350-4a WW2 Missouri Extra Details set retailing for $40. The extra details in this set allow you to really super detail your WW2 Iowa class Battleship. Combine this with # 350-4 WW2 Missouri Fittings set and you have everything you need to build a show stopping Missouri. Just the inclusion of the gun tub details alone makes this set worth the money.

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