1/350 WW2 Missouri Fittings Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
The Tamiya USS Missouri is one of the most popular 1/350 kits on the market. It is high quality and and reasonably accurate. However it is still a little bare as built and needs a good photo etch set to make it better. The Gold Models USS Missouri Fittings set has been around for a little while, but with the release of the 350-4A Gold Plus WW2 Missouri Extra Details Set, Loren Perry of Gold Medal Models took the opportunity to upgrade this one to the current high quality standards with finer details and relief etching.. I have not seen the previous version, but a friend of mine who has that fret and saw this one noted that it was much nicer now. What I can say about this fret is that it is custom tailored to the Tamiya kit. It has custom railings that match the deck right down to the cutouts for the chocks. The set has just about everything the modeler would want even Admiral Halsey and a ceremonial surrender table and chairs complete with documents etched onto the table!
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Note on the second thumbnail how the base shows through the perforated walkway, very nice!. 
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As usual the instructions are first rate with detailed subassembly views on all parts. Parts that replace the plastic kit ones are noted, and even tips for detailing the armored conning tower and adding window glazing are shown.
Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Aircraft Crane and rigging
  • Aircraft catapults and trolleys
  • Aircraft props
  • SK Radar
  • SK-2 Radar
  • SG Radar
  • Mk 27 Radar
  • Mk 3 Radar
  • Mk 8 Radar
  • Mk 37 Gun director radar
  • TDY ECM Antenna
  • Bridge window frames
  • Boat Davits
  • Boat rudder details
  • Cable reels
  • Bulkhead oil vents
  • Funnel grills
  • 20 mm gun sights and details
  • Watertight doors and hatches
  • Mast Yardarms and antenna
  • Admiral Halsey figure
  • Ceremonial Surrender Table and chairs

This is set # 350-4 WW2 Missouri Fittings set retailing for $40. I would consider this a great value for all it adds to kit. Plastic aircraft catapults and radar assemblies just cannot compare to the fine detailing that this set offers. I highly recommend not only this set but also the companion 350-4A Gold Plus WW2 Missouri Extra Details Set

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