Gold Medel Models PE review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This set is the companion set for the main Takao Detail set. It includes extra parts for the new 350 scale Takao. The main set has everything but the kitchen sink. Consider this Gold Plus Extra set, the kitchen sink. It has those other parts that modelers wanting to go the extra mile will want. Parts such as the funnel grills and platforms. If you are considering displaying your ship at anchor, the accommodation ladders and boat booms will come in handy. While at anchor you might want to rig up some awnings to give the crew some shade. Awning stantions are provided just in case.
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 Even a nice kit like the Aoshima kit has some big faults such as the molded on propeller guards. Sand those off and replace them with the ones in this set. The relief etched boat davits with their rigging detail are awesome and you can have realistic boats hanging from them by installing the boat decks. 
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.

This set contains:

  • Complete pe-shaped 3-D relief-etched degaussing cable for later versions of the ship
  • detailed platform & rails for forward funnel
  • correctly detailed replacement bracing structures for both masts
  • replacement fold-to-shape towers for 25mm machine gun mounts and searchlights
  • detailed thwarts for 9m open boats
  • a full set of awning stanchions in several styles
  • two accommodation ladders with davits & canopies
  • rudders and/or propellers for ships' boats
  • boat booms with rigging; folded davits for hull sides
  • 3-D relief-etched davits for ships' boats; torpedo loading davits
  • 3-D relief-etched sighting covers for main gun turrets
  • open grilles for all ventilation and air intakes
  • life rings & racks; leadsman's platforms
  • flag and jack staffs
  • control wheels for torpedo tubes
  • capstan brakewheels
  • searchlight grilles
  • detailed brass capstrips for linoleum covered decks
  • propellers guards
  • D.F. antennas
  • and a binnacle for the ship's bridge.
The instructions are two legal sized pages with the usual in depth assembly notes. Plenty of detail views and subassembly views that will guide you through the process of building your ship.
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I like the concept of the extra detail set. Not everyone will want to use all the details in a set, so why pay for them. If you want the extras, they are right here. If not then you will be perfectly happy with the #350-42 TAKAO set. To me this set is like going the extra mile to build that perfect ship. This is set #350-42A GOLD PLUS TAKAO DETAILS for $32.00 US.  You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.