Gold Medel Models PE review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Aoshima recently released a brand new 350 scale Takao. It is an impressive kit with fine molding and nice details. But as nice as it is, it can be better and Gold Medal Models has just the set to do that. This set has virtually everything except the kitchen sink. Oh and if you want the sink too, check out the Gold Plus Extra detail set. This set contains the parts that you will most likely want to use. 
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We have come to expect a lot from Gold Medal Models, and this set will not disappoint you. Like most sets, railings are included. These however are etched with a realistic drooped chain look. They are very fine and custom fitted for the kit. The canvas covered railings are a real treat too. They look pretty plain on the front of the fret, but turn it over and notice that this set is relief etched on both sides. On parts such as this, it really makes them stand out. The catapults are outstanding in detail with a realistic tread plate pattern on the surface. Those also have fold lines etch on the back side of the fret. Funnel footrails are custom fitted to the kit and these will really enhance your ship. Even the typical parts such as the cable reels and inclined ladders are very well done.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
Back side of fret  >

This set contains:

  • Custom fitted and highly detailed main deck and upper deck railings featuring a "drooped chain" appearance.
  • additional railings in several other styles with some sections pre-sized and pre-shaped to fit upper decks.
  • and others offering a choice of simulated canvas coverings for searchlight platforms, etc.
  • pre-sized rails for the tops of the main gun turrets.
  • two pairs of midships aircraft catapults in two different styles with full interior detailing.
  • aircraft trolleys with shuttles in two styles.
  • aircraft & boat crane with rigging and hook.
  • chocks, rails, & other details for the ship's boats.
  • struts, propellers, & other details for all ship's aircraft types.
  • operators' seats, gunsights, & controls for several types of 25mm antiaircraft guns.
  • three radars of two types.
  • pre-shaped and precisely-fitted maintenance footrails and funnel cap grilles for the funnels.
  • correctly-detailed replacement forward funnel brace structure.
  • accurately detailed yardarms.
  • plus the usual assortment of vertical and inclined ladders.
  • watertight doors.
  • cable reels.
  • eyebolts.
  • turnbuckles.
  • boat davit rigging, and many other fittings.
The instructions are two legal sized pages with the usual in depth assembly notes. Plenty of detail views are shown with no guess work for the modeler on how the parts are used.
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It is nice to see well engineered plastic kits coming on the market in 350 scale. You would think that you wouldn't even need a photo etch set for them. But one look at this set and all the detail it offers and I want to buy the kit just so I can use this set. This is set #350-42 TAKAO with a list price of $42.00 US. Well worth every penny. Also available is the #350-42A GOLD PLUS TAKAO DETAILS for $32.00 US.  You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.