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Pennsylvania Class BB
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image from  Keystone Battlewagon by Myron J. Smith
New from Flagship Models is this Pennsylvania Class set designed specifically for the new Trumpeter and Banner USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Battleship. This set can be used to build either the Arizona or Pennsylvania in 1941 or earlier prewar fits. The set has virtually everything you need to replace the over scale plastic parts with more accurate brass ones that are more to-scale. The set is rather large, measuring 5-1/2" x 11-1/4" and most of the parts are relief etched to give a more 3D appearance.
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The parts in this set are custom designed to replace the kit parts. The deck railings are tailored to fit the kit without measuring and cutting each section, and they have a realistic drooped chain look to them. New bridge window sections are included to cover the kits fighting tops. These are modeled in their closed positions. I would have preferred an open window, but then there are so many combinations of open positions that it would not be feasible to reproduce them all in this set. The modeler can either open them to the desired level by drilling and filing, or better yet simulating the open window with black decal strips. The range clocks found on the prewar ships are so well done that you can clearly read the numbers on the dial!
Included in the set are:
  • Custom length Railing with drooped Chain and Chock detail
  • Secondary Gun Splinter Shields
  • Deck Hatches (2 types)
  • Boat Cranes, Strongbacks, Railings, and Hooks
  • Yardarms
  • Range Clocks
  • Fighting Top Windows
  • Funnel Grill
  • Tripod Mast Ladders
  • Vertical Ladders
  • Turret and Fantail Catapults
  • Aft Deck Crane
  • Canvas covered Accommodation Ladders and Davits
  • Inclined Stairs
  • Range Finder Platforms
  • Search Light Platforms
  • Small and Large Boat details and rails
  • Aircraft Propellers and details
  • Miscellaneous Crew members
The instructions are well illustrated and show not only where all the parts go, but also the parts on the plastic kit that they replace. Splinter shield placement and location of hatches and ladders is well illustrated and there are many subassembly views.. 
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I would have liked to have seen line drawings for both ships in their prewar versions and Pearl Harbor fits instead of just the one elevation view. If you are using the Kingfisher float plane on your ship ignore the replacement of the center pontoon as that type of bracing is more common to the SOC float plane. If you are going to do a Pennsylvania you might want to check out the Keystone Battlewagon by Myron J. Smith Jr.
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A great set that will turn the an average kit into a potential work of art. This set retails for $39.00 and is available from your favorite Hobby Shop or direct from Flagship Models via their website.

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