1/350 Spruance/Kidd/Ticonderoga Class
"Super Set"
Photo etch set by Flagship models
With the release of the new Dragon Kidd cladd Destroyer, there are now three different 1/350 kits on the market in need of a good photo etch set. Rusty White of Flagship Models has upgraded their set to accommodate all of them. This set will fit the Spruance and Ticonderoga Class kits as well. All three kits share the same basic hull and have similar radar and fittings. This relief etched fret contains the parts to customize whichever kit you choose.
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The set include all the basics such as railings, ladders and safety netting. In addition there are sine nice detail items you don't see everyday such as; ships boat rigging and hydraulic boat lift assembly. Life raft canister racks and stowed accommodation ladders are some other nice touches. New doors for the phalanx base and adjacent electronic locker with help bring those items to life.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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The radar assemblies include the SPS-49. SPS 38-40, and the SPS-48. All nicely designed and a vast improvement of the kit supplied plastic items. Yardarm rails and footrail will help add that lifelike look to your ship. A variety of railings are on the fret including slanted bow rails.
The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show the various subassemblies and illustrate the different fits on the different ships. Elevation views are on one side with the placement of the details noted. The other side includes assembly views for the various parts used. The instructions reference a link on the website about working with Photo etch parts for help. This resource is now available on a How to CD instead.
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This is set #FM 350-01 with a list price of $39.00. This Super Set is just what you need to super detail your Tico, Spruance, or Kidd.

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