Reviewed by Timothy Dike
One of the more tedious tasks in ship modeling is painting all those little figures for your ships. Many photo etch suppliers offer scale figures but only Eduard offers them pre painted 
There are over 400 figures on this fret in a variety of poses. They are all painted in a variety of colors typical of the various color coded shirts that signify the jobs each had on the flight deck. For a good explanation of deck crews see the Squadron Signal Flight Deck book. The painting on these figures is pretty good, and they appear to have been thickened up a bit. You can make out the face, hands, hats, and boots on each figure although you will need a magnifying lens. Click images
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There are #EDU17504 1/700 Aircraft Carrier Figures (Painted) for the fantastic price of  $11.69 on the Trident Hobbies online website. These figures are very well done and will save you a ton of modeling time. Get yours today!