Squadron Signal Publications
Flight Deck
US NAvy Carrier Aviation 1940-1945
cover art
By Al Adcock

New from Squadron Signal Publications is this book on Flight deck action aboard US Navy carriers during the second world war. While it deals primary with Naval Aviation, the ship modeler will find it a great resource for detailing the aircraft and deck equipment used on their models.

This book covers all US Navy carriers during the war years in both theaters of operation. There are photo's of fleet carriers as well as light carriers and escort carriers. The book discusses the types of aircraft operated as the war progressed. Mixed in with the numerous photo's are several line drawings of the different aircraft.
There are 8 pages of color profiles like the sample on the right showing some early war aircraft in some unusual color schemes. The later blue war time schemes are also illustrated as are a few aircraft that were transported via aircraft carrier such as the P-40. Many Escort carriers served almost exclusively as aircraft transports, delivering replacement aircraft to the front lines. Some of these aircraft are rather interesting and not typically found in many other books.
There are hanger deck photo's and all kinds of on deck action views showing everything from aircraft arming, to cleanup after attacks and crashes. The photo quality is pretty good on most photo's and one can easily discern the details presented. All photo's are well captioned with info about the subject presented. 
There are about 150 photo's and 40 color profiles in this 64 page 8-1/2" x 11" soft cover book. It has a retail price of $14.95, though you will usually find it on sale in the Monthly Squadron Flyer. This book is a great resource for anyone interested in the US Navy Carrier air operations during the war. 
Special thanks to Squadron Mail Order for providing the sample for review. Don't forget to check out the new look of their website, with online search and a shopping cart for your convenience. Next on their list for release is a book covering the CVL's.


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