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By Timothy Dike
Brass gun barrels have been available for a limited number of kits from a Japanese company. But they are mostly geared to IJN 1/700 kits. Some modeler have come up with ways of using tubing to represent gun barrels on various kits but it is difficult to accurately represent the taper most guns have without using a lathe to machine them properly. Enter Steve Nuttal a machinist that not only has the skills to make these parts, but also machined his own machine! Steve has written programs to run on his Computerized Numeric Controlled CNC lathe to produce accurate gun barrels in the most popular scales. 
When I saw his work, I was impressed and asked if he would consider doing 6" gun barrels for US Navy light cruisers such as the Classic Warships Helena. Steve obtained the drawings and translated them to CNC code and produced a fine set of gun barrels that are all exactly alike. This set of 6" 47 caliber gun barrels that are perfect for all Brooklyn Class cruisers. They are center drilled to appear hollow and have a nice taper to them. They appear to match the drawings perfectly. All we need are blast bags to finish them off. Click images
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 These gun barrels are priced at $3.50 per Barrel. A bit pricey but unless you have your own lathe, hard to beat for the high quality look you will get with them.