Pontos Models review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
October 2012
Pontos Model Company has released a new wood deck for the New Tamiya Yamato, specifically the new tool version. Included is a laser etched wooden deck and decals.
The first thing you will notice is the thinness of the deck that gives it a more in-scale appearance. The planking is laser etched to scale and very fine. The locations of various deck details are etched on to help you properly locate them. The deck is self adhesive, just peel and stick. The manufacturer recommends spraying a light coat of water before applying to allow you to adjust the position a little. 
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Decals consist of dry transfers with draft markings, Japanese characters, frame markers and funnel markings. There is also a sheet of gold plated embossed markings for the ship name and Chrysanthemum Crest of Imperial Japan.
The instructions are printed on the packaging and show placement of the markings. 

This is set #35029WD1  IJN Yamato Wooden Deck set 1/350  listed for 25.00 USD. A great value for this detailed deck with markings. You might want to consider the Pontos Model Detail Up set as a companion to this set. 

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