Pontos Models review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
October 2012

Tamiya recently retooled their popular Yamato in 1/350. The result was a much more accurate model of a favorite ship among modelers. However as nice as it turned out, there is still room for improvement. Pontos Model Company has released a new set tailor made for that new kit that will take that kit to the next level. 
This fret features a variety of railings in many different styles. There are 2-bar, 3-bar, and drooped chain versions customized for the platforms they locate on. Railings and details for the main gun turrets really enhance the models appearance. The real crown jewel of this fret is the intricately detailed aircraft crane. Photos of the assembled crane and kit turrets with PE details from the Manufacturer are shown below as well as the detailed turrets. 
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FRET 2 & 3
The catapults are the highlight of this fret, a mix of the kits plastic parts with new framing and girderwork produce a very realistic assembly. Footrails, and funnel grills and all new platforms really dress up the funnel. These frets use relief etching to give them a more 3D appearance. Machine gun parts, deck supports for the overhangs on the stern, and radar parts are among the superdetail parts on these frets. 
FRET 4 & 5
A new stern deck with a diamond plate tread pattern provides a realistic base when the aircraft dolly rails are added. The fifth fret is primarily the degaussing cables for the hull. The turntables for the aircraft handling deck and some additional rigging is also included. 
New 18" (460 mm) main guns are drilled on the ends and feature that distinctive flared ends. The 5" (127 mm) and 6" (155 mm) secondary guns are also nicely done and also feature drilled out ends. 
Mast parts are also supplied to replace the clunky plastic parts included in the kit. Here many manufactures rely on flat photo etch alone. Pontos uses a combination of machined rods, photo etch and even resin to tie it all together for the most realistic effect possible. The construction of these parts mirrors how the real parts would have gone together. 
Not only are the large and medium guns barrels included, but also the 25 mm light anti-aircraft guns. These barrels are so small that you will need good optics and tweezers to handle them. But they are light years ahead of the kit's overscale plastic ones. 
As if 25 mm wasn't small enough, the 13 mm gun barrels are also included. These are almost insane and very fine. It will take great patience to assemble them, but your patience will be rewarded with true-to-scale replicas of these machine guns. 
New parts cast in resin include Veteran's resin  Type 89 127 mm twin AA guns. These guns are the best available Japanese weapons on the market and when coupled with machined gun barrels, and Pontos photo etch, the result is a stunner.
The instructions are four large full color sheets showing the areas of the ship that get the details and how they are applied. These are pretty good and seem to show most of the assemblies, but I think for a set this extensive, additional views would be helpful. 
The following photos from Pontos show the finished kit and some subassemblies showing what your kit can look like.

This new set from Pontos, is a work of art. The photo etch and machined brass parts are expertly designed and the end result is amazing. This is kit #35003F1 1/350 IJN Yamato 1945 (new Tool) Detail Up Set with a retail Price of  $120 USD. Pricey, yes, but considering what it does to the stock kit, well worth it in my opinion. If your going to use this set, you might want to also consider replacing the deck on your kit with this companion set.

Check their website for more information or inquire on the forum about the set.

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