Master Model 1/350 Russian Cruiser Varyag Armament

by Sean Hert

Master Model has started something a little different; they are now releasing sets of barrels for specific kits. This kit is custom designed for the Zvezda Varyag kit, and contains all the barrels neccessary to convert from the plastic ones in the kit to machined barrels from Master. Included are 12 x 152mm main, 12 x 75mm secondary, and 8 47mm Hotchkiss barrels.

47mm Hotchkiss

Master Model continues to add to their impressive list of ship accessories. When coupled with their Masts and Yards set, your Varyag will be exemplary, and the envy of all!

These pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-023, are available via Georgetown Hobbies for $27.95, part #MAS350023.

Master Products are distributed in the US by Georgetown Hobbies and are available at the following stores.