Dunagain Decals
1/350 USS Enterprise
Decal set
I've had quite a few inquiries about the USS Enterprise CVN-65 buildup article by Kelly Quirk. One of the questions is concerning the markings used on the kit. You will notice that they are different from the kit supplied decals. This set addresses some of the inaccuracies in the Tamiya decals. 

Here are Kelly's comments on the set:

The decals are very well printed, though they are not separate on the decal sheet.  You must very carefully trim around each decal, cutting as close as you can to avoid excess carrier film.  The elevator stripes are printed so you can cut out both stripes for each elevator together, a nice touch.  The other main advantages are the correct "65" in outline for the bow, the "Big E" and "USS ENTERPRISE" decals for the bridge, and the missile and CIWS warning circles.  Various other markings and stripes are included to liven up the ship.  The decals set down very nice, I experienced no problems with them at all.  Highly recommended for you Enterprise builders out there! 
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 Also included is an instruction sheet with a great diagram of the correct placement of the various decals. General instructions are on the other side.
This set had an extra sheet of decals with a note that said they were replacements for some uneven lines in some of the main sheets. However I can find nothing wrong with the main sheet. 
These decals are currently available from Pacific Front Hobbies, Naval Base Hobbies, Colpar Hobbies, and White Ensign Models. They are also available from Toms Modelworks on a special order basis.

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