Dunagain Decals
1/700 British Navy Flags and Pennants
Here's another 1/700 scale flag and pennant set. This one covers the Royal Navy in the later years after 1934. Most of these flags can also be used for ships that followed International Signal Code of 1901. Noted on the sheet are both designations, the International designation is in parentheses. There are two sizes of flags due to the Royal Navy practice of using larger flags on the big ships. Also included are the Rank flags to indicate the highest ranking officer aboard. Like the other sets the colors are all perfectly registered and you make out the details of the more intricate flags! If you are looking for the more modern Royal Navy set then Dunagain also produces a British 1901-34 set.
These decals are printed on a single sheet so they must be carefully cut from the sheet and trimmed as close as possible. I would recommend applying them to a sheet of foil so they can be folded realistically to simulate the wind blown effect. 
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The instructions consist of tips for handling the decals and applying them. Also included is an explanation of the meaning and use of the flags , as well as some basic instructions on different combinations of flags that might be used.
These decals are currently available from Pacific Front Hobbies, Naval Base Hobbies, Colpar Hobbies, and White Ensign Models. They are also available from Toms Modelworks on a special order basis.

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