Dragon 1/700 Carrier Wings
WW II USN Carrier Wings Set B

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Dragon has followed up on their detailed Essex class carriers with another aircraft pack to allow you to expand your air wing. This set features the late war aircraft found on the typical aircraft carrier during world war two. 

Packed in a handy blister pack are eighteen aircraft molded in clear styrene with two decal sheets. With clear molding you can mask off the canopy and paint the aircraft as usual. When the paint dries you remove the mask and are left with a clear canopy. The drawback is that clear styrene is more brittle than gray styrene and harder to work with.

You get six fighters, six dive bombers, and six torpedo bombers. These are the same aircraft found in the popular Essex class carriers such as the CV-9 USS Essex, CV-15 USS Randolph, and CV-19 USS Hancock. Dragon also makes early war aircraft such as the SB2C, F4-U and F4-F in the Carrier Wings B set.

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There are three sprues of F4f Wildcats for a total of six aircraft. They are molded with separate wings so that you can position them folded or down if you wish. Landing gear and propellers are also separate details. The molding is sharp and includes recessed panel lines.
There are three sprues with a pair of F4-U Corsairs on them. These are also molded with separate propellers, and landing gear. Nice recessed panel lines are featured on the surface.
Six SBD Dauntless dive bombers  are included on three sprues. They are molded with separate landing gear and propellers. They also feature nice recessed panel lines.
The decals by Cartograf include the aircraft stars and bars that were used during WW2. 

BONUS: A new decal has been added to this set. It includes squadron markings for CV9, CV10, and CV11 for the WW2 era. These consist of tail and wing markings for the various types of aircraft.

Exploded and assembled views are shown for each aircraft. A color sheets shows the markings and painting info for each aircraft type and the appropriate squadron markings for CV-9, CV-10, or CV-11. 
This set is further proof that Dragon is listening to modelers. You asked for separate aircraft sets and Dragon has provided them via the Cyber-Hobby label. They went one step further and added a bonus set of decals to give you an accurate airwing. This set is priced at $7.95 at DragonUSA's online site. I hope that they will consider doing a similar set in gray plastic.