Corsair Armada product review
Review by Timothy Dike
A familiar site on US WW2 Destroyers was the 5" 38 Caliber Dual Purpose gun mount. These gun mounts were found on destroyers from the Dunlap class to the Flecher Class. This gun was a true dual purpose gun, able to deal with air and surface targets. 

One of the best beginners kits in the 1/350 scale market is the Tamiya Fletcher. While it builds into a nice kit, it suffers from oversimplified gun turrets with a lack of detail. Well now for those of you into superdetailing, there is a solution.

In his first foray into 1/350 scale Mike Czibovic of Corsair Armada has come up with a great little accessory set. The kit includes eight replacement turrets, three with the double knuckle and five standard ones. The double knuckle was used on the main deck turrets. This was done to help strengthen the turret from the blast effects of the gun firing above it. Each turret is cast with extra details such as hatches and even underside details. click images
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There are a variety of gun barrel styles included, some with blast bags and some without. Both elevated and level aimed guns, though it wouldn't be hard to position them at any angle you desire. Gun bases are provided also, even those designed to mount on the slopped up bow.
The included photo etch fret is relief etched to bring out the details. This brings out the bolt and latch details as well as the slats on the rear ventilation grills. This brass set will be available as a separate item for $5 for anyone who want to use it on the other resin turrets available, or even to dress up the kit turrets. Ladders and handrails will really enhance the turrets
Instructions consist of a single page with detail placement instructions. Well illustrated they are more than adequate for the task. As detail placement varied on these guns it is best to refer to photo's of your ship to determine things such as ladder placement.
Compare the kits turrets with this real turret located at Freedom Park, Omaha.

The bar has been raised, this is the best 1/350 Turret set available today. This is set # CAP-350-001 Priced at $12 for the set. An outstanding accessory for any 1/350 destroyer on the market. Check the Corsair Armada website for ordering details.