iwata Universal Spray Out Pot
Reviewed October 2017
by Timothy Dike
Another cool accessory  for modelers is this Universal Spray Out Pot for cleaning your airbrush between uses. It features an easy to clean dishwasher safe glass pot with a removable, non-skid sleeve to help keep it from being knocked off the workbench. 
Built in is a single universal airbrush hanger that fits all gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes. Or you can expand it by adding  Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder / Hanger designed to plug right in to the handle socket. 

The molded top includes a filter cap with two spare filters included. This also serves as a handy airbrush parts holder. The paint will drip back into the pot and the raised lip will prevents your tips from rolling away.

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Instructions show the parts breakdown and use. 
Eliminate overspray and the mess associated with cleaning your airbrush with the #IWCL-300  Iwata Spray Out Cleaning Pot with Airbrush Hanger for only £29.95 inc.VAT (£24.96 ex.VAT) or about 33.07 US Dollars. Buy this and the Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder / Hanger as a set and save over 8% direct from Airbrushes.com

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