Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder
Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder
Reviewed October 2017
by Timothy Dike
If you use an airbrush, you know it can get awkward trying to set it down without making a mess. The Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder is the perfect tool to help you gain control of your workbench. It mounts solidly to your table and is sturdy enough to keep your airbrush stable while you change hoses or add paint. The two wire formed cradles will help prevent accidental bumps from sending your airbrush crashing to the floor. The heavy-duty clamp works with thick tables up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) thick.

The holder can be connected to other accessories such as the Universal Spray Out Pot. A screw for attaching a mounting bracket for a regulator/water trap (sold separately)  keeps everything nice and neat.

Instructions show the parts breakdown and how to add on other accessories. 
If you use an aibrush this nice little tool will help you stay organized and efficient. This is item #IWA-AH-400 Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder/Hanger for £29.95 inc.VAT (£24.96 ex.VAT) or about 33.07 US Dollars.

Check out this cool new accessory as well as the complete Iwata line, available now from Airbrushes.com

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