Reviewed by Timothy Dike
March 2015
Back-Aft Models is back with more accessories in 350 scale. A very common dockside item; Garbage Bins. 
Included in the set are three Large Garbage Bins and four Small Garbage Bins. They are nicely cast with the large ones each having different garbage debris. The small bins have one with a partially open lid. Click images
to enlarge
These photos are from Carl showing the parts finished and also one with the parts separated from the resin wafer. Note the wharf and warehouse in the background is reviewed here

These are a common sight in the shipyards. I've seen many photos of ships being refitted with the large bins full of old parts cut off. Modern yards have to have some place to dispose of their debris, and so do your 350 scale ships! so if your doing any sort of dockside diorama, pick up some new bins to keep things tidy. 

This is #WH0007 1/350 Garbage Bins selling for $5.00 US. Highly recommended. You can buy this set direct from Carl on the Back-Aft Models website.