Back Aft Models 1/350 Warehouse and Dock

Reviewed December 2014
by Timothy Dike
 It used to be that the only scale you could do a decent diorama in was 1/700. But 1/350 scale continues to grow in popularity and thanks to the efforts of Carl Musselman we now have a realistic place to park our 350 scale ships. 
Carl writes:
The inspiration warehouse at Pier 2 Norfolk Naval Operations Base, Virginia, was built in May 1942 during the replacement/modification of Pier 2 at the Navy Supply Depot.  The warehouse extended almost the entire length of the pier.  This model kit represents approximately one third of the length of the entire warehouse at Pier 2.
This kit features a selectively compressed version of the Norfolk pier, but you can customize yours with other options. 
The resin dock sections are nicely cast with nice framing detail along the edges. My sections were flat and level with square cut ends. This makes it easier to join the sections without having to use lots of filler. This kit includes three straight sections and one rounded end section with two ramps. Back Aft offers other options if you wish to expand your docks. The surface is flat and smooth, but you can add rail lines by scribing two grooves to represent the typical covered tracks found on the docks.  Click images
to enlarge
Roofing is well cast with nice consistent grooves. Sections are cut to width, but the length can be shortened by cutting along the scribed lines. Or  you can lengthen them by joining them as per the instructions. 
The upper and lower walls are very well done with nice window framing. If you look close you will notice both the windows and doorway have nice framing around them. The wells have very fine scribing to represent the siding. The modular construction will allow you to build your warehouse to fit your needs.
The end walls are equally nice in framing and siding detail. A nice touch is the addition of all the interior bracing and supports. Even a couple strips of styrene are included to model the roof ridge line, and down spouts.
The doors are cast with wings so they can help join the wall sections for longer runs. You can trim them to represent half open doors or leave them off to have fully open doors. The plastic and resin flat sections are to join the flat roofing together and provide some reinforcement.
The instructions consist of  eight illustrated pages showing step by step assembly.

A really cool kit to give your 350 ships some background. Carl provides plenty of other options for a dock and warehouse to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless. You can buy this set direct from Carl on the Back-Aft Models website for $75.00.