Warship Pictorial 35
Ticonderoga Class Cruisers
Classic Warships Books
by Kurt Greiner 
reviewed by Timothy Dike
Warship Pictorial is back with another new book, this one by Kurt Geiner covers the Ticonderoga Class Cruisers. This is Kurt's second book and an excellent follow-up to the first one on Burke Class Destroyers. These cruisers are covered in great detail by someone who is very familiar with them. Kurt has taken some stunning photos and Steve Wiper has managed to reproduce them in high quality color and Black and White. Most of which have never appeared in print before. I love the many shots taken from the Golden Gate bridge showing details that modelers will really appreciate. 

This is a good look at this type of current US Navy warship and will be a fantastic aid to any model builder looking for reference material. The book covers all the Tico's including the first five with their  older twin arm missile launchers, which have now been retired. The new VLS is also well documented as are the many variations in the class. From a distance these ships look alike, but look closely and you can with the many well captioned photos and you will see a world of differences in them. 
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This book is a must have for anyone interested in the Modern US Navy and this type of warship. Whether you want to accurize your ship kits or just love Warships, this book is for you. 

This book is is in the standard soft bound format that we have come to expect from Classic Warships Publishing in their Warship Pictorial Series books. 72 pages, with 136 black and white, and 20 color photos. It is Warship Pictorial 35 - Ticonderoga Class Cruisers by Kurt Geiner and Published by Classic Warships Publishing (ISBN 978-0-9823583-6-9) for $18.00  US retail. It is available direct or from one of their vendors listed on the Classic Warships website


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