Atlantic Convoy – Small Warships SIG, UK IPMS Nationals
Individual ships of the convoy.










In total there were three tankers, eight freighters, three escorts and one Catapult Armed Merchant (CAM) ship, and two aircraft.  Ships and modellers were as follows (in alphabetical order) –

Roy Allen
Belgian freighter Persier, scratchbuilt ~ 2mm plastic card for decks and internal sections, 1mm card for hull and bridge area, bridge and boat decking was 0.3 card. Cargo holds made from evergreen T and I beam. Masts and derricks from 1mm s/steel rod and 0.45 brass rod, rigging was stretched sprue. Winches and gun tub mounts various sized rounds. Corsair Armada AA mounts, GMM extra fine railings and hatches, bollards kindly donated by Mike as mine from Battlefleet Models appear to have been swallowed up by that great black hole known as the Post Office. All decks were scribed to represent plating using a steel rule and wax sculpting tools. Painted with miniature paint acrylics then washed with burnt sienna oil paint, matted down then weathered with artist’s pastels.
White Ensign Models Flower class corvette HMS Buttercup
Straight from the box build my personnel favourite WEM kit, sadly de-rigged the night before the show. That’ll teach me to put stuff out of harms way in future.

Peter Fulgoney
Battlefleet Models C2 freighter Santa Anna
C2 Freighter, Battleships Models kit with additions of extra cargo booms and details. Scratchbuilt deck cargo.  Barrage balloon also Battlefleet models.

White Ensign Models HMS Milne
M class destroyer, White Ensign Models kit mostly out of the box

Battlefleet Models ATF Fleet Tug Cherokee
ATF Ocean-Going Fleet Tug, Battlefleet Models kit with scratchbuilt mast and details

Rob Kernaghan
Battlefleet Models Hog Islander Empire Ortolan
Almost out of the box, but enhanced with brass masts and derricks.  Armament added from Skywave spares and deckload is Skywave trucks from the Beachhead set. I used WEM PE, rather than the PE which comes with the kit,

WSW French Tanker
Scratchbuilt catwalk to replace the cast on catwalk in the kit, PE from Atlantic Models, masts, spars etc are either brass or aluminium.

WSW Tramp steamer
Largely OOB, but with added PE, brass masts and derricks, plus Skywave deckload.

Mike McCabe
Battlefleet Models C2 Freighter Santa Anna – largely out of the box but replacement brass masts and cargo derricks, cargo is Battlefleet landing craft and trucks from Skywave Beachhead set.

HP Models Fort Class freighter Fort Erie, from Berry Head kit, modified with cut down forecastle, bridge decks replaced with brass sheet, brass masts and cargo booms, deck cargo from N gauge car siding plastic card and various bits of scrap.

HP models British Promise from Armed Tanker kit.  Rear superstructure enlarged and extended, rear and bridge decks from brass sheet, masts, derricks and piping from brass rod, various photoetched parts to detail the deck.  Coloured copper wire for awning supports, home made decals for the funnel markings.

Jim Smith
Skywave Liberty ship ‘Bootes’ – minor modifications to make this the ‘James Smith’ based on a 1943 photo.  Photo etch from GMM merchant ships set, deck cargo is HP Models Studebaker trucks.  Masts and booms are brass rod and rigging is 0.055mm fly tying (tippet) line.  Crew from Eduard USN figures.

T2 tanker Kennebec – modifications to Loose Cannon T2 Tanker ‘Lyons Creek’ based on several photos from USS Kennebec website.  Additional decks are Evergreen plastics. Masts and booms are brass rod and rigging is 0.055mm fly tying (tippet) line.  Crew from Eduard USN figures.

HP freighter Legie – pretty much ‘out of the box’ with addition of photo etch from GMM merchant ships set.  Deck cargo is Evergreen plastics rectangular and ‘I’ beam stock.  Masts and booms are brass rod and rigging is 0.055mm fly tying (tippet) line.  Crew from Eduard.  Weathering done using artists pastels.

HP CAM ship Empire Moon – Photo etch from GMM merchant ships set.  Catapult is made of 2 IJN catapults from GMM auxiliary ships sets.  Deck cargo from Skywave ‘Beachhead’ set with additional items from Evergreen plastics.  ‘Tarpaulins’ are masking tape folded round plasticine and painted grey.  Masts and booms are brass rod and rigging is 0.055mm fly tying (tippet) line.  Crew from Eduard Weathering done using artists pastels.

The complete convoy diorama had a lot of interest from those attending the Telford show it was particularly nice to talk to one gentleman who had sailed on one of the Fort class ships like the type I had built, and pleasing for him to tell me that I had the cargo booms correctly positioned for when the ship was at sea.

So there you have it, an interesting change of pace from the usual grey warships and nice that on the second day of the event, Remembrance Sunday November 11th, there was a small corner of the event that paid tribute to the merchant seamen who lost their lives in the Battle of the Atlantic. -- -- Telford, 2007