Reviewed October 2016
by Christopher Martens

Mustadieh Ombashi began as the French submarine Turquoise before being run aground and captured by the Turkish navy in 1915. The ship was never formally commissioned, spending the war as a propaganda prize around various Turkish ports. 

This kit is packaged as most Combrig kits, with foam peanuts being utilized to protect the resin hull, photo etch, and semi-delicate superstructure. 

The submarine’s hull is molded to its sprue along its ventral surface. Removal should be easy, requiring minimal sanding. Detail, where available, is crisply molded, though the old sub was a fairly plain looking vessel. 
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Periscopes and other accessories for the sail are molded on a separate block and Combrig provides a small piece of brass for the ship’s small mast. Detail is adequate for these parts. 
The Mustadieh Ombashi gains most of its detail from the provided PE fret. Parts are relief etched and appear relatively sturdy. This etch appears very user friendly and would be good for an entry level modeler. 
The kit’s instructions are provided on a single, double sided, piece of paper. Construction is provided as a set of CG drawings, making assembly very easy. The instructions also contain a short history of the vessel. 

Combrig has provided a fun little kit of a little known submarine from World War I. The kit should prove a fun challenge for an entry level resin builder and a fun, easy build for more veteran modelers.

Thanks to Combrig for the review sample. 

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