L'Arsenal 1/700
Visby class Stealth Corvette

Reviewed by Sean Hert
The Visby class of stealth corvettes are the latest edition to the Royal Swedish Navy. Viewed by many and the most advances stealth vessel in existance by many, the class has had influence on the designs of many other nations current and future combatants. Designed for littoral operations in response to foreign submarine incursions in the past, there are 5 ships in service. A sixth unit was cancelled due to budgetary constraints. 

The hull is made from modern synthetic materials, providing high strength, low weight, good shock resistance, low radar (RCS) and magnetic signatures. The angular design further reduces detection by radar. The Visby is equipped with combined diesel and gas (CODAG) turbine powerplants, powering 2 waterjets that can propel the Visby to speeds in excess of 35kts.

Visby is armed with an indigenous VLS, torpedoes and a unique Bofors 57mm automatic cannon. Capable of firing up to 20 rounds a minute, the barrel of this gun retracts into the low-observable gun house.

The Visby class is still undergoing weapon and systems testing and integration. This has let to a gradual evolution of the appearance of this class. This L'Arsenal kit represents a relatively early variant of the Visby.

This model kit has relatively few parts. A one piece waterline hull, 4 small sprues of parts and a small photoetch fret. The hull has the superstructure already molded in place, and has many of the hull openings molded in; hatches, exhaust outlets, etc.

The hull had a slight resin over pour with slight air bubbles present. A few swipes with sandpaper and a little filler is all that is required to finish the hull.

The rest of the kit is on a few small resin sprues and a single fret of photoetch. The resin parts inluded waterjets, radars, running lights and 2 variants of the 57mm turret; you can model the turret with doors open and gun barrel extended or with doors closed and barrel retracted. There is also an ultra-thin resin gun barrel! 

The photoetch fret provides for the sensor mast aft of the bridge.

A single decal sheet is included, with hull numbers and names for each of the 5 members of this class, as well as decals for the bridge windows.
A single double-sides sheet of instructions is included- and all that is really needed.

I like seeing a popular, modern ship available, especially one that has so much interest internationally. L'Arsenal's kit of the Visby more that does justice to this sleek stealth ship, and is highly recomended. 

Thanks to L'Arsenal USA for provding us with this review sample. This is kit #700-10 Visby Stealth Class Corvette, priced at $57.00. Available direct from L'Arsenal, L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

Brett Morrow has completed a model of this kit as the HMS Helsingborg. Here are a few selected images from his gallery.