Reviewed by Sean Hert
August 2012

The Swedish Gotland class of submarines are well suited for both littoral and open ocean operations, having the first operational AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system, a system which utilizes a Stirling closed-cycle engine for underwater operations and conventional diesels on the surface. but The Stirling combusts a mixture of liquid oxygen and diesel fuel to power a generator. The Gotland was seconded to the United States Navy to help the USN improve tactics against diesel-electric subs, during this time, HMS Gotland achieved a "kill" on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), proving the efficacy of diesel-electrics today.


A standard OKB sub; single piece full hull, cast on a central sprue, and a separate resin prop hub. The hull of the sub has some slight machining/sanding artifacts, but some light sanding should smooth it out nicely.


Two small photoetch frets are included; a seven-bladed scimitar prop, and a fret with a display stand.

There were no instructions included in this kit.

Available from Pacific Front Models, this kit retails for $17.95. Thanks to OKB for this review sample.