JAG Collective
1/700 USS Sturgeon & DSRV

Nuclear powered Guided Missile Cruiser
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
JAG Collective well known for their cold war waterline ships, also has several submarines available. This one is of the successful Sturgeon Class Nuclear Fast attack submarines. These subs were the forerunner of today's LA class attack subs. Most of these subs were scheduled to be decommissioned by 2001 after most of them have served over 30 years with the US Navy.
This kit has three complete subs in it. Each one consists of the hull with separate fins. It is a waterline kit and has no lower hull. As a bonus there are three DSRV's included to mount on the rear as shown in the picture above.

There are no instructions in this kit, so you will have to consult your references for details on where to attach the fins. The sub itself looks accurate enough, but I  have few references on Submarines and am still looking for a good diagram to figure out exactly where to attach the fins.

UPDATE: We now have a reference for sail fin placement.

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Thanks to Tom Dougherty for providing the image.


This is a nice little kit, it is simple enough to be built in an evening or two. If you make a mistake, don't worry there are two more just like it in the package. This kit has a retail of $15.00, that's only $5.00 per sub. A pretty good value even without instructions.

Thanks to Chris Decker of  Trident Hobbies for the review sample. Trident Hobbies carries the complete JAG line of ships as well as many others.

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