Reviewed October 2015
by Timothy Dike
 The USS Triton is probably best known as the first submarine to circumnavigate the Earth underwater.  When commissioned in 1959 the Triton with her dual nuclear reactors was the most expensive submarine ever built.  Its first role was as a radar picket submarine providing early warning of enemy attack.  She operated in this role for two years until the introduction of early warning aircraft made her obsolete.  Triton was converted to an attack submarine in 1962 and served for two years as the flagship of the US Atlantic Fleet submarines.  She was decommissioned in 1969 and recycled at Puget Sound naval shipyard in 2009.

This new kit by OKB Grigorov represents it Triton in her as-built radar picket role.

The hull is cast as one piece minus the sail and separate dive planes.  Casting and detail is quite nice.  The feeder sprue runs along the bottom of the keel and will require a little bit of sanding to clean up.  A shallow recess helps locate the sail and will help like the seam. Click images
to enlarge
The sail, dive planes, and periscopes are among the separate parts.  All are nicely cast with only a hint of flash.  A stand is also included to display your completed submarine.
Photo etch propeller blades are included, yhe blades are to be twisted  to shape by the modeler and attached the the prop shaft. 
Instructions are a single page with an exploded view showing where the parts go. Pretty basic, but self explanatory and all that's really needed for this simple kit. 
This is a simple yet nicely detailed kit of this unique submarine.  It should make a nice and easy build.

This is kit #OKB8700100 1/700 OKB USS Triton SSRN-586, Radar Picket configuration with a list of  33.64 EUR. Freetime Hobbies has it listed for $26.91 now. Check out the complete line of modern subs on the OKB Grigorov site.