Hobby Boss 1/350
USS Greenville SSN-772

Reviewed by Sean Hert
February 2013

USS Greenville SSN-772 was the next to last Los Angeles class attack submarine built by the US Navy. Commissioned in 1996, Greenville has had an unfortunate career so far, having been involved in not one, but two collisions, the most infamous of which was the collision with the Japanese fishing vessel Ehime Maru, and an unintentional grounding which resulted in minor damage to the underside.

Being one of the last 23 Los Angeles class, Greenville has been optimized for under-ice operations with a bow mounted dive planes and a reinforced sail, and had the latest generation sensors and weapons systems and "quiet" technology.

USS Greenville SSN-772 is still in service with the US Pacific Fleet in 2013

This model of Greenville also comes with an Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) mini-submarine. This was a true submarine, in that the SEAL "payload" was transported in a dry, pressurized environment. The ASDS failed to live up to expectations, and was irreparably damaged in a fire in 2009. The program was cancelled after just the one prototype was constructed. Greenville was one of the two Los Angeles class SSN's modified to carry the ASDS.


This is a fairly simply plastic kit, with the hull split down the waterline into two halves. These halves are well detailed, and the various hull lines all line up perfectly when the upper and lower hulls are placed together, and there is virtually no seam between them. The lower hull has a lip which mates with the upper, forming a nice seal which should hold up well.

Both hull halves have great detail; the bow sports the VLS doors appropriate for a Block III Los Angeles class. The hydrophone arrays are molded on, as are the ballast flooding holes in the bottom; each hole has a molded-in grating.


This kit only has two sprue assemblies, and this sprue "B" has the retractable deck cleats and bollards and the periscopes, masts, etc for the sail. The rudder and multi-part dive planes, posts for the display stand and a plastic seven-bladed scimitar prop complete the major parts on this sprue. The prop is not of the "ring" type, for protection against ice when operating in arctic conditions.


This combination sprue has the remaining parts for Greenville, and the parts to build the included ASDS.

The one-piece sail is very well detailed, including the ice-finding sonar molded to the front. There are two "roofs" are offered; one "closed up" and one with to display the various periscopes and masts deployed. Closing out the normal parts is a large dive plane which will span the width of the hull and the two remaining stern countermeasure fairings.

The ASDS is a simple two-piece affair, with a third piece for the screw. There are 4 teardrop farings where the ASDS mounts to Greenville's deck.


Hobby Boss includes a fret of photoetch with this kit. This fret has replacement seven-bladed screws for both the Greenville and the ASDS, and two small wind/spray deflectors for the sail. There is also an etched nameplate for attaching to the stand.


This kit has a simple stand included.


A small decals sheet is included, which contains draft markings and hull markings and US Flags.


A simple sheet of instructions, as well as a sheet of painting and decaling directions, are included. Greenville's instructions indicate only four colors are needed to paint her: Flat Black, Hull Red, Fold and Flat White.


USS Greenville SSN-772 marks the second boxing of a 688-class attack sub released by Hobby Boss. While this kit has some of the same quibbles with shapes of the dive planes and screw, it's still a great modern kit of these boats- and you can't beat the price! Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Squadron for the review sample. It is listed as #83531, with a MSRP $12.99. Hobby Boss' US importer is Squadron Products.