JAG Collective 1/700
USS Permit Class Submarine

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
JAG Collective well known for their cold war waterline ships, also has several submarines available in waterline. This one is of the Permit Class, originally named the Thresher class. The Thresher was lost and the class was renamed after the second ship the USS Permit. She featured a new streamlined hull, and could dive deeper than previous attack subs. She was also much quieter and employed the latest in stealth measures. 

JAG offers this important sub in 1/700 waterline, in this resin three pack.

This kit has three complete subs in it. Each one consists of the hull with separate sail and tail fins. It is a waterline kit and has no lower hull. The lines look pretty good, but I don't have a lot of good references for Subs. The casting is nice and the hatch details look good. But like other subs, there is not a whole lot of surface details as these would make the sub less stealthy. Click images
to enlarge

There are no instructions in this kit, so you will have to consult your references for details on where to attach the fins though the photo should get you close enough.

This is a nice little kit, it is simple enough to be built in an evening or two. If you make a mistake, don't worry there are two more just like it in the package. This kit has a retail of $16.00, that's a pretty good value even without instructions.

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