Yet another review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Gato was the lead boat of a new class of submarines that were built in large numbers during world war two. Although small by today's standards, the Gato class of Fleet Submarines were the first to carry the fight to the coast of Japan. They had a devastating impact on the Japanese merchant marine in WW II and helped choke off the supply lines to the home islands. The Gato class improved upon the previous Tambor class and were highly successful. These large submarines had a long range and could carry a large load of torpedoes. These subs were deployed mostly in the Pacific theater as the other Axis powers were not as dependent on shipping. The Gato were a formidable weapon limited in success only by the poor performing torpedoes used in 1942.
This older kit originally produced by Blue Water Navy lives on under the Yankee Model Works banner. The kit represents a late war fit of the USS Gato class with the cut down sail. The entire hull and sail are all cast as one piece so there is not a lot of major construction to be done here. The castings is pretty good, although there is a rather long pouring gate that must be removed along the keel. The surface detail features nice deck planking and numerous limber holes all along the hull. 
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The manufacture states "the deck and sail are reproduced to the exact plans used by Electric Boat". I don't have any Gato plans but it appears the kit matches the photos in Steve Wipers Gato Class book.
The small parts are a mix of resin and white metal. They feature the gun mounts, and propeller struts. Detail on these parts is ok, but not up to the standard found in newer YMK kits.
A full photo etch fret is included with the dive plans, propellers, and other fine details. There are railings, and even individual stantions, something more common in larger scales. Brass rod is included to make the periscopes.
A single sheet is provided to help you build your ship. It includes a numbered list of parts and they are pointed out on the plan and elevation views. A few exploded views or 3D drawings or photos would really help here.

This is Kit #YKM-35036 USN Gato Class Submarine SS 212 USS Gato (1944) with a list price of $60.00, but can typically be found online for less. If you like subs and are not satisfied with the limited detail found on most plastic kits, then check out Yankee Modelworks for much more. They produce more accurate sub kits in 1/350 than anyone else I know.