Flagship Models 1/72 USS Alligator

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
September 2015
The first submarine to serve in the U.S. Navy was the USS Alligator, which entered service in June 1862.  In its original appearance this 30 foot long submarine was powered by 16 and power paddles sticking out from the sides.  The paddles were soon replaced by a hand cranked propeller on the stern.  The submarine was sent up the James river but her mission was canceled.  The alligator was sent back to the Washington naval yard where she was refitted with the propeller.  The sub was to be towed to Charleston South Carolina but was lost in bad weather and sank.
This new kit by Flagship Models represents the USS Alligator as built.
The hull is cast as one piece with eight shafts protruding from each side for the paddles.  Several round portholes are cast on each side as well as the small sail.  The surface includes cast on rivet details.  The casting gate is on the bow were to be easily removed without damaging other details.
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Small details include the 16 paddles, diving planes, snorkel, and anchor.  Brass rod and plastic strips are included as well as a short length the chain.
The Instructions very well drawn with CAD illustrations and clearly show placement of the parts. Paint call outs are included.
It's nice to see the navy's first submarine recreated in 1/72nd scale.  From the looks of it this would be a great first resin kit.  Simple assembly, nice detailing, and easy to follow instructions should make for an enjoyable project. This is kit #FM17219 USS Alligator (7" long) for $60.00available direct from Flagship Models via it's online ordering system.

With such a simple shape the painting and weathering be what makes this kit standout. Not to worry, as Flagship has a line of How to CD's that will help you out in many topics from Building Resin Ships and Working with Photo Etch Parts to Making Realistic Water.

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