Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The German Torpedo Boat B-98 was launched by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg February 1st, 1915. With her Sistership B-97, these destroyer size ships so impressed the German High command that they ordered an additional four. They proved to be very good at reconnaissance and their sea keeping capabilities were very good. All six took part in the battle of Jutland. B-98 as part of Flotilla II received minor damage.
Buildup from NNT website
This new kit from NNT can be used to build any of the six Blohm & Voss big destroyers, B-97-97, and B-110-112.
Length 98m
Width 9,35mm
Armament 4 Rapid firing 8.8cm guns replaced by
4 10.5 cm guns
6 50 cm Torpedoes in single tubs
Speed 36 Knots
Crew 114
The hull is very well cast, with really fine detailing. The only real trace of flash is at the waterline where it is simple to remove. The hull included cast on bollards and even hatches with hinge detail! The funnel location is marked by scribed lines. 
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The overhanging portion of the foredeck is well done and the under hanging surfaces are clean and sharp. Note the air intake pipes are well formed and unbroken.
The small parts are just as well done with bridge details having cast on ladder detail as fine as if you used photo etch replacements. The main guns are pretty fine as are the individual torpedo tubes. My one complaint is that the funnels are not hollowed out.
A small photo etch fret is included. It is custom made by Eduard for NNT and is relief etched. It included etched chain and some really nice boat davits. Railing are not included, but most of us have plenty in our spare parts boxes.
A sharply rendered flag is also included
The instructions are three pages of history, and assembly views. The parts location is shown fairly well with each part being numbered. But I think there is room for improvement here. A few extra views would really help make the assembly a little clearer. But this is not a complicated model and most modelers will have no trouble figuring out where everything goes. 
One thing I rally want to point out on this and other NNT kits that I have seen. They are packaged extremely well. When you open the sturdy cardboard box you will find all parts tucked in bubble wrap with all the parts nicely sorted in individually sealed pockets. This ensures that the parts arrive safe and sound and I wish all resin manufactures would follow this example.
A very nicely detailed kit, that will make a handsome addition to your Early German Navy. This would be good kit to try for a first resin kit, if you have experience with photo etch. 

This is kit #NNT 70012 with a retail price of 36.00 Euros. Thanks to NNT Modell for the review sample, check their online website for NNT kits and more.