Reviewed March 2016
by Timothy Dike

The M50 was a German 1916 type minesweeper built during world war one.  The M50 survived the war and operated during the thirties in a training role.  M50 was redesignated M550 and returned her role as a minesweeper.  On June 15th 1944 he was sunk an English channel.

This new kit from Combrig represents the ship as built in 1916. It can be built water line or full hull.

Both the upper and lower hull are nicely cast with sharp lines and crisp details like the doors and hatches.  Locating the funnel and intake vents should be an easy process thanks to the molded in sockets.  I tested the fit for the upper and lower hull.  As you can see in the photos they line up nicely.
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The rest of the upper decks and superstructure are cast on a thin resin wafer.  The funnel is nicely molded and includes mounting holes for the footrails and ladder to locate in.  This is a nice touch that will help proper and locate them.  The large intake vents are very nicely molded as well.
The smaller detail parts include some really nice 4" (10.5cm) main deck guns, and nicely detailed cable reel's.  Some of the smaller fittings include pelorus mounts, searchlight, and a variety of smaller vents and fittings.
A relief etched Brass fret is included with the railings, ladders, funnel footrails, and bridge walls.  The latter is relief etched on both the front and back sides for more detail. Since the bridge is partly open it's nice to have some interior detailing. 
Instructions are five pages well drawn showing several subassembly views.  Dimensions for the fore and main mast are a nice touch.
Overall a very well engineered kit if with lots of detailing for a nice price. Perfect to sweep the channel for your Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet. 

This is kit #3566WL/FH -1/350 German Minesweeper SMS M-50, 1916. Thanks to Combrig for the review sample. 

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