Reviewed by Timothy Dike
July 2013
The G-5 class motor torpedo boat was a Soviet design from the 30's. They operated from the Spanish Civil War, through World War Two and beyond in the service of the North Korean Navy. These boats proved to be very fast and running in a light condition they achieved a top speed of 63.5 Knots, though 53 was more typical. These boats carried one or two 12.7 mm machine guns and two 21" torpedoes. 

New to the ship modeling world, North Star Models makes some really nice accessories. This is one of their first kits and it offers modelers a chance to have one of the lessor known subjects that has been overlooked by the others. 

The hull is cast full hull style attached to a resin runner by the stern. Detail is very good as is the casting. The only real cleanup will be to remove the small casting gate. The bridge is well cast and provided in two styles for each of the two kits included here. Locating the parts should be easy thanks to the recessed mounting sockets for the bridge. Even the small parts on my kit proved to be durable enough to withstand my handling with my over sized fingers. I managed to knock a few loose from the resin runners, but they separated where they were supposed to, a big plus when dealing with very fine parts like those included in this kit.  Click images
to enlarge
A very nice relief etched photo etch fret is provided for the finer details. Items like the torpedo racks, machine guns with mounting rings and  wind screen frames will make this relatively small kit stand out. 
The instructions are two pages with four sections. Plenty of sub-assembly views provide a good step by step guide to assembly. You can build any of the versions shown below:

Some images from North Star Models show the completed kit. 

North Star has been producing some pretty exciting photo etch sets using CAD technology, and it's nice to see that they can also produce highly detailed kits as well. I look forward to seeing more obscure subjects like this one. 

This is kit #350201 1/350 Soviet G-5 class motor torpedo boat WWII with a list price of $21.00 US. A great price for a pair of super detailed Torpedo boats. Check out the entire line of North Star kits and accessories.