OKB Grigorov 1/700
Severodvinsk Project 885 Yasen class SSN

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Yasen class of nuclear powered submarines are the latest additions to the Russian Fleet. These multi-purpose boats are equipped with many innovations, some of which are new to Russian subs. The project 885 class subs are the first to field a larger globular sonar, mounted in the bow. As with many Western style SSN's, this move necessitated a corresponding reloaction of the torpedo tubes to an angled amidships postition. The VLS hatches abaft the conning tower are suitable for launching a variety of tactical weapon systems.

This new class of SSN's are an evolution from the Akula class, and intended to replace said forebear, as well as the Oscar class SSGN's.

Severodvinsk, the first sub of this class to launch, was laid down in the early 1990's. After multiple construction delays over the next decade, she was finally launched in The Sevrodvinsk, while having characteristics of early SSN types, has proven to be a trials ship for the Yasen class. The second member of the class, Kazan, already features improvements in design and function from Severodvinsk.


This kit is cast as a single piece full hull. The hull is well made with no flash a few casting remnants. The hull is attached to a casting sprue running the length of the lower hull. This sprue does look to run across some detail on the lower hull, but this should be easy to repair.

Yasen is aggressively detailed, with many hull openings, hatches, cooling scoops and vents. The conning tower features the same attention to detail and the pressure hull, but there are not provisions to show the various sensor masts and periscopes in a deployed fashion. The sonar-transparent areas of the hull are also well represented, in addition to the various VLS and angled torpedo tubes.


Photoetch blades for screw.

Simple single page instructions

This is a neat little kit from the relative newcomer to the model warships scene. OKB Grigorov's addition of some esoteric subjects in an already rarified area of interest may not interest all, but this ultra-modern Russian SSN is not only a nice represention in a scale often ignored by submarine kits, who normally opt for larger scales, but is price very competitively. If you have an interest in modern submarine warfare, or are looking to ease your way into resin shipmodeling, this kit would be a great place to start.

Thanks to OKB Grigorov for this review sample. OKB Grigorov products are available from Pacific Front Hobbies in the USA, and in Europe from NNT.

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