Reviewed by Vladimir Yakubov

Mainstay of the Soviet Cold war sub fleet Victor class was made up of 48 submarines, of which 16 were Victor I and 7 were Victor II class. After the Walker spy ring delivered the news that the Soviet subs were easily tracked by the US Navy, Victors were redesigned to make them quieter and hence came the Victor III class 25 of which were built. Most Victors have been retired with only 4 of the newest ones remaining in service.


The kit is very simple consisting of 11 parts and a stand. Besides the hull, two of the alternate tips of the propellers are included. The real sub was 106.1m long, which in 1/700 scale comes out to 152mm, the kit's hull measures out at 150mm and when the propeller and its tip (~3mm) are added the length becomes almost spot on. The width of the real thing was 10.6m which in 1/700 scale is 15.2mm, while the kit measures out at 15.6mm, which is perfect. The kit allows you to build the earlier version with the counter-rotating props or the later one with the seven bladed propeller. The casting on the hull is good with various hatches and holes accurately modeled. There are no periscopes included in the kit, but those are better scratchbuilt anyway from brass rod, so it's not a big loss.


A photoetch fret with the various screws is included.

Given the simplicity of the kit, the instructions are very good.

Given that the Dragon kit of the Victor III is long out of production, this is the only kit of this sub on the market in the 700 scale and its a very good one. Highly recommend it. The kit is available from Pacific Front Models for $19.00.