Alanger 1/350 Typhoon Class SSBN

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Project 941 Akula, NATO codename "Typhoon" class SSBN are the largest submarines in the world. The Typhoon subs are unique in having twin pressure hulls of titanium in parallel inside the outer hull. Only 6 vessels of the class were ever completed. The sub's design featured many elements for travelling under the polar ice and for ice breaking, as well as the radical placement of the 20 RSM-52 SLBM tubes forward of the sail.

Alanger's kit (#040003) of this large SSBN illustrates the updated information available about ex-Soviet warships, with an accuracy greater then previous kits of this monster of a submarine.


This sub is big. I mean, really big. The hull measures about 20.5" long, and about 2.5" wide (52cm x 6.35cm for our metric friends). The upper and lower hull, conning tower and stand are the primary parts on this sprue.

Some of the surface detail on the hull is a little soft, but the most striking thing about the hull halves is the stern. When the DML kit of Typhoon came out years ago, the stern arrangement was total speculation, and we now know it to be wrong. Alanger has a corrected that error, and the stern is now an accurate representation.

Unfortunately, the hull pieces of my kit show some warpage- it was difficult to fit the halves together with tape for the photos. To build this example, the upper hull will need to be spread out; I think the twist in the lower hull can be fixed by the careful application of cement during construction.

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Sprue B consists of parts for the missile silos and hatch doors, and the stern assembly parts; rudders, props and shrouds, etc. The two piece hatches show some nice interior detail- having a few of them postioned open will be a nice touch.
A decal sheet is included with basic markings for the submarine, including markers for the rescue buoys and the distinctive markings for the bow, and white line for the waterline. I am a little disappointed Alanger chose to use decals for the bridge windows, instead of clear parts- or at least some molded on detail.
The instructions are 4 photocopied pages, and some simple color references, in both Cyrillic and English.
These are photos from Alanger's website, showing the completed kit.

This is kit number #040003 Typhoon Class Russian Nuclear Powered Submarine . Not a horribly complex kit, but one probably best suited for a modeler experienced with Eastern European kits.

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. You can get yours online at Pacific Front Hobbies secure site for $35.00 US.